Not knowing where you’re going is half the fun.

Are you ready to give your team a one-of-a-kind adventure? Book the Bonding Bus, and leave all details – and driving – to us.

As the experts in bus-based team bonding events, we know what it takes to give you a fun, memorable experience. Choose from a variety of popular themes that work well for lots of different personality types. Or if you have something specific in mind, we’re always happy to go with a “roll your own” approach.

Every all-inclusive Bonding Bus event is fully customized, and guided by professional facilitators. These really are turnkey productions – we do all the planning, but you get all the credit. This leaves you free to sit back and enjoy the ride. And you’ll be the only one in your group who knows where the bus is headed.

Expect the unexpected!

Choose your adventure...

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Select Your City

We are local. We are global. Our team plans these wild and wonderful experiences anywhere you want, and our local facilitators host your team for a busload of fun.

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Choose Your Bonding Bus

Activities, venues, reservations, transportation, food...they're all packaged together and ready to go.

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Confirm Details

Tell us a little more about your group, your location, and what they like to do. Once we have the details, relax, we’ll make a plan, you’ll approve, and we’ll do the rest.

Your Offsite on Wheels

Mystery Bus: next stop? it's a surprise.

The Mystery Bus is a turnkey event – we do all the planning, while you get all the credit. We hand-pick each location and coordinate all logistics. This leaves you free to sit back and enjoy the ride – literally.

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Team Volunteering Day

Do Good Bus: the fun way to give back.

Getting on the Do Good Bus is a great way for your team to work together. The Do Good Bus brings people together to help local causes in a fun and social environment.

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Musical City-Exploring Adventure

Music Tour Bus: let's turn up the clues.

Your team will take on the role of roadie in this ‘murder mystery’ style, citywide bus adventure with a musical twist! Centered around the search for the band’s lead singer, your team will encounter challenging puzzles, zany activities, and a hilarious original story as they work together to crack the case. No musical talent required!

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Choose Your Bus Adventure

Custom Bus: hop on board and enjoy the ride.

Create Your Own or ask us about a Craft Brew Bus, a Foodie Bus, a Wellness Bus, a Psychic Escape Bus, or a Ghost Bus.

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“My team loved their Mystery Bus experience! I'm looking forward to utilizing TeamBonding for other teams in my organization.If you are looking for a team building event that focuses on true teamwork I would highly recommend Mystery Bus as TeamBonding was able to tailor the event to the needs of my organization.”

- Victoria V.

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters - CA

“The event went really well! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and their competitive sides really came out :)Michael was a wonderful facilitator. He was very engaging, informative, and kept things moving along smoothly. Thank you so much for your help with this event!

- Grace


“Our guide Stuart was amazing. I honestly didn't have to do any preparations because they took care of everything. All I had to do was pick the events I liked from the custom options I received for our Mystery Bus adventure. I received the most compliments I've ever gotten from an outing. I will be working with this company again!”

- Therese

“We had a great time, Dustin was a great host. Well organized, well timed. We had a great day, thank you.”

- H&R Block
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