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Top 10 Corporate Team Building Activities To Do In Boston

There are tons of corporate team building activities to do in Boston – you just have to know where to look. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Bonding Bus has all the information you need when it comes to how to have fun and build a team in this great city.

What Are Corporate Team Building Activities?

Corporate team building encompasses activities that deepen the relationship between employees. They also foster a sense of cooperation between coworkers, and amp up the mood around the office significantly. The goal of such activities is to boost morale and enhance the collaboration happening on a day-to-day basis.

Such activities are the best way to help your team bond in not only a manner that’s organic, but in a way that lasts.

Above all, team building events are fun and entertaining!


Why Your Business Should Have Corporate Team Building Activities

Your business should incorporate team building activities because it’s good for morale and it benefits your company’s performance in general. An unhappy, disbonded team makes for poor employee retention and overall unproductivity.

Finding the right activities means breaking barriers and creating an environment that’s enjoyable – one that people want to come to every day. This plays a major role in the success that your business sees on a micro and macro level!

Team building activities can bring together people with different ambitions, abilities, backgrounds, personalities, and beliefs to create a team that functions like a well-oiled machine.

Here are a few more reasons as to why you should implement team building activities:

  • Better Communication
    In a relaxed environment, your team is more likely to communicate, and those skills will translate to the office setting.
  • Better Productivity
    Better communication makes for better productivity, because there’s less friction between team members.
  • Found Leaders
    Discover leaders you never knew you had during corporate team building activities.

Top 10 Corporate Team Building Activities To Do In Boston

Team Building Activities in Boston

Team Building Activities in Boston

There are tons of team building events in Boston – and we’re going to list ten that your team is sure to love.

Culinary Team Building Activities

There are so many culinary activities to do in Boston that we had to group them all under one general roof. From cooking classes to tastings to private chefs, you can’t go wrong with a shared culinary experience in this city.

When your team spends time together in a setting like this, it encourages widespread listening, creative thinking, and enhanced problem-solving.

Food Tours

Going on a food tour with your team allows you to check out places you’ve never been before – even in your very own city. Exploring new restaurants is a bonding experience in itself, because you’re experiencing something new with a group of people; that alone will bond you for life.

Guided by someone who knows the city’s food and alcohol scene like the back of their hand, your team will learn a lot about where they live and understand more about the city’s history, culture, and architecture too!

Archery Games

You won’t actually be using real equipment during an archery team building activity, just foam-tipped arrows, but that doesn’t mean the concept has to change. Your team will split into two groups and, with some healthy competition, be let loose in an enclosed arena.

Escape Rooms

Right now, escape rooms are all the rage – for team building activities and friend groups alike. The reason why people love them so much is because they encourage teamwork during increasingly intricate situations. The stakes are high, but not ACTUALLY high. These interactive rooms get your team thinking creatively and working together to solve unique problems.

Murder Mystery Co.

While your team might not be all that crazy about murder mystery dinner theater at first, once they attend this activity, their minds will surely change. This group in Boston hosts private events that include cocktails and amazing food, and your team will work to solve the mystery while wearing some amazing costumes!


Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to your community, and it doesn’t take much to realize how great it is for bringing people together as well. Doing good deeds makes people feel good, and that sense of togetherness that cultivates while helping others and improving the place where you live is like nothing else.

Trampoline Park

This is a great place for team building because you’ll undoubtedly come across tons of situations that will make you laugh, and you can relax and chill out in the meeting rooms after with food and drinks.

Old Town Trolley Tour

Even if you’re a Boston native, you could still benefit from an Old Town Trolley Tour. But this corporate team building activity is especially great for those unfamiliar with the city! You can hop on and hop off this trolley, as it stops at over 100 historic sites like North End and Beacon Hill, and learn all sorts of new things with your team at your side.

Live Sports

If you’re looking to watch live sports, there’s almost no place better than Boston. This city has won more champion titles than any other city – except for New York – so going to a live sports game here, no matter what sport that may be, will surely be an exciting day out. With all of you cheering for the same team (or unleashing some healthy rivalry), fun will be had – and you’ll be talking about the memories for years to come.

Laser Tag

Much like the trampoline park, a laser tag arena will take you back to when you were a kid. It’s one of the most fun team building activities that you can find in Boston. All you have to do is split your team in two and unleash them in a dark room filled with lasers and ultraviolet light, then see who’s the last person standing.

How to Incorporate Team Building Activities Into Your Company

It’s easy to go wrong when choosing team building games for your business, because your employees might find them trite or downright humiliating. To keep that from happening, follow these tips:

  • Avoid outdated team building methods like trust falls and other old fashioned gimmicks.
  • Include everyone – your team isn’t a team if everyone isn’t involved.
  • Incorporate a variety of activities so you don’t force people out of their comfort zones.
  • Plan regular activities – more often than once a year – to keep up collaboration and communication.
  • Keep it fun so your team can act naturally without feeling bored or pressured.

A few great starter ideas for your team building include our Mystery Bus, Do Good Bus, and Music Tour Bus!
Corporate Team Building For Your Business

Team building events in Boston are the perfect way to bring your team together in a city that’s home to unlimited opportunities. Soak up the culinary scene, gorgeous scenery, exciting sports games, and much more with your next corporate event in Beantown.

In fact, Boston is one of our favorite places to send the Bonding Bus! Want to schedule a tour with us? Contact Bonding Bus today to learn more.

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