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A brief history of the Bonding Bus

The Bonding Buses are powered by TeamBonding, North America’s premier team building company.

It started in 2015 with the Do Good Bus which was launched in LA by the band Foster the People.  The band would tour and would provide a second bus which would have their fans helping them with a charitable in-person giveback project.  TeamBonding licensed that concept for a turnkey, professionally facilitated, surprise team building event.  Clients and charities loved it and teams from coast to coast helped out non-profits and gave back to their communities.

One of the great things about the Do Good Bus was our ability to pick up our clients and drop off our clients and make the whole event turnkey.  They were being booked as Rolling retreats or Offsites on Wheels.

The Mystery Bus started many years ago when TeamBonding founder David Goldstein’s parents would go out with their friends on what they called A Mystery Night.  One couple would plan the experience, set up the stops, and tell each couple to bring a bag of props for the ride full of surprises.  Every month a different couple would do the planning and the couples would have the time of their lives.   In 2018 this idea was the premise of TeamBonding’s holiday party.  The clues were shared by the facilitator in poem form as we boarded the bus and went to a  trampoline park, a fancy tea house, and a wine-tasting dinner and we laughed and played all along the way.  It was a great party that has since become a great program for over 100 clients so far from Boston to Honolulu and everywhere in between,

The Music Tour Bus is the latest Bonding Bus that was written and created by a dynamic writing/directing duo out of Los Angeles – KJ and Sarah who create an immersive theater experience on wheels.  Live actors, music, clues, and puzzles with your city as a background make this city adventure a non-stop adventure on wheels.

Lots of new ideas for custom buses based on our experiences as team building experts and the fun we’ve had as creators of chocolate tours, murder mystery nights, ghost tours, foodie events, and more. Where do you want to go on a Bonding Bus?



“My team loved their Mystery Bus experience! I'm looking forward to utilizing TeamBonding for other teams in my organization.If you are looking for a team building event that focuses on true teamwork I would highly recommend Mystery Bus as TeamBonding was able to tailor the event to the needs of my organization.”

- Victoria V.

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters - CA

“The event went really well! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and their competitive sides really came out :)Michael was a wonderful facilitator. He was very engaging, informative, and kept things moving along smoothly. Thank you so much for your help with this event!

- Grace


“Our guide Stuart was amazing. I honestly didn't have to do any preparations because they took care of everything. All I had to do was pick the events I liked from the custom options I received for our Mystery Bus adventure. I received the most compliments I've ever gotten from an outing. I will be working with this company again!”

- Therese

“We had a great time, Dustin was a great host. Well organized, well timed. We had a great day, thank you.”

- H&R Block
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