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Create Your Own Bonding Bus For the Ultimate Team Building Activity

The Create Your Own Bonding Bus relies on creativity not just from you, but from us, too. This adventure is custom and doesn’t fall into one of our set styles of Bonding Bus, so we forge a new path every time we head out on the road. 

The point of the Create Your Own Bonding Bus is to bring your employees together and help them function as a team. As you know, a team that works well together succeeds together. 

The best way to bring people together is through team building activities, and team building happens to be what we do best. 

Create Your Own Bonding Bus is to bring your employees together and help them function as a team.

Create Your Own Bonding Bus is to bring your employees together and help them function as a team.

What is Team Building Used For?

Team building activities are an organic way to make connections happen in a manner that’s not only fun, but successful and long-lasting, too. 

The Bonding Bus takes your employees out of the office and puts them somewhere where none have gone before – and that creates a connection that might never have occurred at work. But the connection they create while on the Custom Bonding Bus will surely translate back to work when your team heads back to the office! 

The Importance of Team Building Activities

While team building activities might look (and feel) lighthearted, they come with a number of important benefits, such as:

  • Improved Communication
    • The Custom Bonding Bus requires group problem-solving, which greatly improves communication within your team. 
  • Better Motivation
    • Team building activities give employees a chance to try (and succeed at) something new, which helps with motivation and persevering at work. 
  • Increased Creativity 
    • Team building activities for work get people thinking outside the box, and such skills are never a bad thing to apply at work and in everyday life. 
  • Improved Problem-Solving Skills
    • Bus team bonding activities are low-pressure. Employees can refine their problem-solving skills in a low-risk environment. 
  • Building Trust
    • Giving everyone at your company the chance to work together provides a great opportunity to build trust that translates back into the workplace. 

Now that you understand the benefits of the Custom Bonding Bus, let’s get familiar with what to expect when your team takes a tour. 

What is a Custom Bonding Bus Tour?

When you take a Custom Bonding Bus Tour, the journey is entirely up to you. 

As one of the most effective team building activities for work, there’s a certain creativity to this team bonding activity that you don’t see very often. We let you choose your own adventure! 

Don’t worry – if you’re not feeling very creative, we have a few special ideas to choose from that we don’t offer as standalones. Those ideas include the:

  • Craft Brew Bus,
  • Foodie Bus
  • Wellness Bus
  • Psychic Escape Bus
  • Ghost Bus

The point is that you control everything – it’s all about the customization. However you want this Bonding Bus to go is how things will go down, and we’re more than happy to make it happen for you. 

These types of team building activities for work are great for:

  • Holiday parties
  • Employee celebrations 
  • Client entertainment 
  • Boosting morale

Whatever the reason you’re using Create Your Own Bonding Bus, we promise to make it the best experience possible. By the time your event is over, your team will have come together in a brand new way – no matter where the journey took them. 

How is the Custom Bus Tour Designed?

The Custom Bus Tour design is simple. 

Here’s what the process looks like:

  • Choose your adventure
  • Communicate with our event planner
  • Schedule a date
  • Gather your team
  • Get on the bus
  • And have a great time! 

Why Your Business Should Use Custom Bus Tours

By the end of the tour, your team will have come together in a way that could not have happened without our bus team building activities. 

For your team to be effective in the workplace, they need to have:

  • Open communication with each other
  • A sense of trust
  • An appreciation for one another
  • Respect for each other
  • Transparency
  • Good rapport 

This can only occur when a team communicates with each other in a way that occurs on the Custom Bonding Bus.

Planning Your Custom Bonding Bus Tour

As you can see, there is almost nothing more valuable than team building activities when it comes to creating a positive, uplifting culture at work. A team that cares about one another and communicates with each other effectively will, no doubt, work well together, and create positive change for their company. The way to make this happen is with a Custom Bonding Bus Tour. 

Are you ready to bring your team together and head out on an adventure that you thought up yourself? We’re definitely ready for you! 

Get in touch with The Bonding Bus today and select the “Custom Bus” option on our contact form. Someone from our team will reach out to you regarding further details ASAP!

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