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How Transpertaintment Helps With Team Building

No matter what kind of business you do, whether you own a coffee shop or a legal firm, team bonding is essential. After all, if the people who keep your business afloat don’t feel a sense of camaraderie, there’s less of a chance for your business to succeed. 

There are plenty of opportunities for team bonding out there. Some of them work, some of them don’t, but one thing’s for sure – you’ve most definitely heard of them all before. 

What you haven’t heard of, and what’s sure to bond your team together for life, is something called ‘transpertainment.’ In this article, we’ll explain exactly how it can benefit your team and, therefore, your business as a whole. 

What is Transpertainment?

When you say the word aloud, you can probably get a good idea of its roots. Combine transportation + entertainment, and transpertainment is what you get. 

What began as a tourist or a bachelorette party activity has taken the corporate world by storm and become something so much more. There’s still a party bus involved, but the destination looks a little different for team bonding activities – but, we promise, the tours are still just as fun. That’s the point, after all! 

Transpertainment will take you from Point A to Point B, and it’ll make the ride there and back part of the fun. Your team will get the chance to bond as they do something that is completely new to every single one of them. 

Transpertainment and Team Building 

By now, you’re probably aware that seeing your employees as a collection of individuals won’t do much for the ‘team’ mindset. Of course, everyone who works for you is a unique individual, but they are part of something bigger. A team. 

A team isn’t something that’s created overnight. It has to be carefully fostered, encouraged, and cultivated – and that can happen when a group of people experience something new together, something that involves problem-solving, a common goal, cooperation, or a combination of those things. 

Professional team building exercises are more popular than ever because people realize how important it is for employees to act as a cohesive group. But it’s important to realize that just any old team building activity won’t cut it for most teams. Employees are looking for something fresh, new, and invigorating – and that’s something that they can only get with transpertainment. 

Top 6 Reasons Transpertaintment Helps With Team Building

There are plenty of reasons as to why transpertainment is the best option when it comes to team building. Here, you’ll find a list of the top six. 

  1. It Simplifies Your Event 

There’s no question that a large amount of coordination goes into group events held at work, but transpertainment makes it easy by grouping everyone together in one place for transportation.

When everyone drives separately, there’s a huge margin for error. You could have people getting lost on their way to the event, showing up late for another reason, or simply deciding not to come at the last minute. Transpertainment eliminates those chances by grouping the team together and transporting them from one place to the next in a safe and effective manner. It also encourages convenient pick-up and drop-off at your place of work! 

Thinking like a team includes riding like a team, and even the biggest carpool can’t fit everyone who works for you. What you need is a vehicle that can accommodate your entire group and take away the stress of planning rides and other such details. Your group will be happy to get together, and it’s an added bonus that they don’t have to figure out the nitty-gritty details. 

  1. Your Team Spends More Time Together

When your team doesn’t use transpertainment to get to an event, they have to spend much of the day apart – and that takes away from the team-building concept as a whole. Like we stated earlier, a common experience is what brings people together – and spending time in the transpertainment vehicle, whether your team is doing a Mystery Bus, a Do Good Bus, or something else, they’ll all have shared the experience of riding together to the venue. 

On the ride, your team can chat and have conversations that amp up the excitement and bolster the camaraderie between them. Instead of just one-on-one conversations like you’d get in a car, the whole team can get involved – and this is great for increasing the ‘team’ feeling between everyone on the bus. They’ll feel like they’re in it together. 

Everyone is experiencing the same things when they’re on a transpertainment vehicle together. No one is going through something that sets them apart. It’s a great way for people to bond and come together, growing closer over something they’ve all seen, heard, and done. 

  1. It’s Safe

When you take your team out on a day trip, there’s no doubt that you want to make sure they stay safe. After all, these people are valued and very important, and you don’t want anything to happen to them! So, taking precautions is a must during professional outings. 

When you ask your employees to take their own vehicles to set destinations, they could run into all sorts of mishaps. Some risks of traveling alone, or even carpooling, include:


  • Traffic accidents and injuries to drivers and passengers
  • Flat tires
  • An empty gas tank
  • Car problems 

You’ll often find that traveling in a bus is much safer than traveling in a car. Since larger vehicles are easier to see and have to pass more inspections, they automatically pose less risk for passengers. Their heft also helps; even if a collision were to occur, passengers are much less likely to sustain injuries since the vehicle is so large. 

While it’s true that you can depend on larger vehicles to keep your team safe, it’s important to remember to take necessary precautions – just like you would when traveling in a car. Remind your team to wear their seatbelts at all times and act responsibly in the vehicle. 

You have the driver’s promise that they will be well-rested, alert, and come equipped with experience and proper licensing required for driving a larger vehicle. All of our buses ensure that your team will arrive safely at their destination thanks to state-of-the-art technology and updated features. 

  1. It’s Cost-Effective

Transpertainment isn’t just a fun and useful team-building experience – it’s also cost-effective. The cost to rent a bus for company events often adds up to a smaller amount than it costs to have employees drive separately to the event. By choosing group transport, you’re lowering the cost for:

  • Gas
  • Highway tolls
  • Parking 
  • Event entry fees

You’ll find that if you ask employees to pay for such costs for a team-building trip, you might be met with not only resistance, but downright refusal. Some employees can’t afford such expenses – and if the whole group doesn’t attend, the entire point of the team-building event is negated.  

  1. There Are Ideas Galore

Transpertainment offers plenty of options when it comes to bonding activities, and we’re the experts in variety. The Bonding Buses don’t just offer one option – we have four great team-building experiences that your company can benefit from. These include: 



When your team travels on the Mystery Bus, they’ll visit three or four locations that are selected beforehand in order to fit your specific interests. Look at this like destination tours – each city has something special inside it, and this is a great chance for your team to discover those secret spots as a group, experiencing something completely new right in their very own town. This experience includes something culinary, something cultural, and a low-stress physical activity.

The Do Good Bus allows your team to give back to the community. Yet another mystery bus, this option brings your team to an unknown place where they will be volunteering for the day. You won’t know where you’re headed, but you’ll know that you’re going there to make a difference.

The Music Tour Bus offers an immersive mystery on wheels, traveling around your city in a murder mystery style adventure. With a fun backstory and twists and turns to keep your company guessing, this will bring your team together in an interesting and entertaining manner.

You can even create your own Bonding Bus when you work with us! Or, if you need ideas, you can ask about our Craft Brew Bus, Foodie Bus, Wellness Bus, Psychic Escape Bus, or Ghost Bus.

  1. It’s Convenient and Inclusive

The larger your group is, the more likely mishaps become. Think of everything that could go wrong – people could get dates and times mixed up, someone could forget to check their phone for a reminder, and people could be confused on who’s riding with who. When you utilize transpertainment, none of that will happen. 


Not to mention, transpertainment is inclusive. If there are members of your team who don’t have driver’s licenses, don’t have a vehicle, or don’t have the means to travel long distances, this is how you can make sure they’re included. The last thing you want is for any member of your team to be left behind! This shows them that you have put in the work to make sure they can attend and have just as good of a time as anyone else.