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5 Easy Employee Appreciation Ideas for the Holiday’s!

No matter what kind of company you run, it’s always important to recognize the hard work and efforts of your employees. After all, it’s been proven that appreciated workers make the best employee’s. Therefore, considering it’s the season of giving, what better time to show appreciation for your employees than now?

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to go about this without spending too much of your time and money, we’ve come up with 5 easy employee appreciation ideas for the holiday’s!

  1. Say “Thank You” with Food
  • Purchase a box of Altoids for an employee whose hard work has “mint” so much to you.
  • Give a five dollar Starbucks gift card to an employee who has helped you out recently. Grab a “hot holder” while your at it to say, “Thanks A Latte!”
  • Fill a jar with Reese’s Pieces (or Reese’s Pieces M&M’s) for your mentor, and attach a sticky note just to say, “Thank you for sharing Pieces of your knowledge with me.” 5 Easy Employee Appreciation Ideas for the Holiday's!


  1. Say “Thanks” for the Memories
  • Create a slideshow filled with all different pictures from good times at the office. Set up a quick fifteen or twenty minute break during one of your work days to share it with employees. Typically, the funnier the better!
  • Create a poster-size spot in a common area of the office for various pictures of good times with employees. If you’d like, you can also ask employees to pitch in on updating the wall from time to time. 5 Easy Employee Appreciation Ideas for the Holiday's!


  1. Public Praise
  • Send out an email to all employees focused on praising a single, or team of, employee(s) for a job well done. The more details you can include without making your message too lengthy, the better.
  • Create an award for each employee, recognizing one job they have done well this month. Print awards and host a team “ceremony” during your lunch hour, announcing each employee’s award and why they’re receiving it. 5 Employee Appreciation Ideas for the Holiday's!


  1. Coffee Break!
  • Surprise your employees with a spontaneous afternoon coffee break. Let them know that you appreciate all their hard work and think they deserve a break! Say “thank you” by letting them know that coffee is on you.


  1. Appreciation from Higher-Ups
  • If your company is on the larger side, and you’re unable to thank all employees personally, have higher-ups from each section of the company submit their words of appreciation for employees working under them. Encourage them to be as specific as possible. Then, compile all of the information and have higher-ups personally deliver it to each employee.

For more information on employee appreciation, check out the following resources:

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