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Nine Ways to be Continuously Successful at your Workplace

It’s not uncommon for people who’ve been working at one job for a long time to feel “stuck” in terms of success. Many people in this position feel as though they have no room for growth. In-turn, they get stuck in an agonizing process of merely “going through the motions” every single day. Yet, the fact of the matter is there’s room for improvement and growth at almost every company. Needless to say, you have to display continuous success in your current position in order to earn something like a promotion.

Here are nine ways to be continuously successful at your workplace:

1 – Act as if you’re still being interviewed.

  • Remember how thoroughly you prepared for your initial interview? You dressed nice, treated everyone with respect, and most importantly, you were on your A-game. After being hired, most employees begin to act differently. Needless to say, they get comfortable and often begin slacking. If you want to have continuous success at your workplace, this is something you most definitely want to avoid. Show up prepared, ready to work, and do your best to treat everyone with respect at all times. Nine Ways to be Continuously Successful at your Workplace

2 – Try and see your boss as someone you help, and not someone who tells you what to do.

  • Most people see their boss as a nagging pain in the back. Especially if they’ve been at the same company for a while. Yet, while most of these people don’t think their boss notices a change in their attitude, they typically do. Inevitably, this puts a strain on the relationship and only ends up making their job harder. Therefore, if you want to sustain success at your workplace, you should view your boss as someone you help, rather than someone who tells you what to do. While you may not always notice, your boss most likely gets crap from a lot of people. Don’t be one of them. Nine Ways to be Continuously Successful at your Workplace

3 – Build your work relationships based on the performance of others, not conversation.

  • It’s the people we surround ourselves with that influence us the most. Therefore, don’t base your work relationships off conversation. Make sure those you surround yourself with at work, are working just as hard as you.

4 – Always try and go the extra mile.

  • Going the extra mile on the job is something your boss will immediately notice. This is one of the best ways to build their trust. They’ll know you take your job seriously, and you care about the company.

5 – Identify the high performers as soon as possible, and take notes.

  • If you’re new to your job, identifying the high performers and observing their actions is extremely important. Take mental notes of what these people are doing and emulate them. Try and pin-point what it is about their actions that makes your boss to appreciate them so much. Nine Ways to be Continuously Successful at your Workplace

6 – Always be a step ahead.

  • This one goes hand in hand with going the extra mile, but always being a step ahead of your co-workers will allow you to stand out. Think about how good it will feel when your boss asks you to do something and you’ve already done it! Not only will you gain their respect and trust, but you’ll put them in a good mood too. And, as we all know, we want to keep our boss in a good mood. 

7 – Find ways to stand out.

  • This one is pretty self-explanatory, yet definitely isn’t universal. Finding ways to stand out depends on where and who you’re working with. Yet, I can assure you that going the extra mile and making a constant effort to be a step ahead will cause you to stand out no matter what.

8 – Always lend a helping hand to your co-workers.

  • Helping other people makes everyone feel good. Not to mention the fact that it heightens your reputation. If you’re ever promoted and become the boss of some of your co-workers, having them on your side is something you’ll look back and thank yourself for. Nine Ways to be Continuously Successful at your Workplace

9 – Never lose sight of why you were hired in the first place.

  • Overtime, many people forget the importance of their work, and become discouraged. With this, if you want to continue to have success at your workplace, it’s important not to lose sight of why you were hired. What made you the perfect person for this position? How come your boss chose you over all the other candidates? If you truly don’t know or can’t remember, I’d suggest asking your boss. I’m sure they’d be happy to fill you in!

While this list of nine ways to be continuously successful at your workplace might appear intense, it really isn’t. Nine Ways to be Continuously Successful at your Workplace

You don’t have to accomplish all of these things at once. Trying to do this would be irresponsible anyway, and would likely lead to burn-out. Take this advice one step at a time. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but hard work is sure to pay off overtime.

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