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How to: Strengthen Teamwork in the Workplace

So maybe teamwork in your workplace isn’t so bad after all. Yet, you feel it could be a lot stronger. You wonder, is it the people you’ve hired? How you’ve divided these individuals up? Is there something wrong with you?! The answer is most likely, none of the above. 

Strong teams don’t develop themselves no matter who you hire, how you divide people up, or even who you are as a leader. In order to create a strong sense of teamwork in your workplace you must work to understand and improve your teams on a continuous basis. Considering every team is different, it’s a good idea to try a few different methods before deciding on one, or more, that you feel work.

Here are 5 methods to try in order to strengthen teamwork in the workplace:

  1. Spend time with each team, listening closely to how they work and communicate with one another. If you notice any lingering issues among members, this is your time to jump in. Unresolved issues among teams can be detrimental to the production of their work together. Therefore, do you’re best to facilitate a conversation surrounding these issues the minute you hear of them. Allow each member the opportunity to express their different perspectives and to explain how it affects them and their work. This will allow the entire team to understand all sides of the issue before coming to a resolution that works best for everyone. How to: Strengthen Teamwork in the Workplace
  2. Set the tone for good communication skills. As a leader, you have the greatest impact on the culture of your workplace. Therefore, it’s essential for you to establish a culture that encourages open communication. Considering the most important aspect to developing strong teams is communication, this kind of culture will establish a solid foundation for each of your employees individually.
  3. Schedule regular team meetings yourself, don’t leave it up to the team. This is a good time for you to spend time with each team listening to them. Allow the team to report to you what they’ve accomplished since your last meeting, and what they need to accomplish next. Make sure they are still on track with the goals and expectations you established for them, and allow them to report any issues or struggles they’re having with the work. At this point, work with them to brainstorm some solutions so they can get back on track. Lastly, and most important, make sure the team never leaves the meeting without having been given distinctive expectations on what you expect to see accomplished for the following meeting.
  4. Make sure each team member is clear on the individual tasks they’re expected to complete. In doing this, you’ll avoid running into issues with some team members doing more work than others. If certain individuals are required to do more or less work than others due to their position, make sure the entire team is informed right away.
  5. Try team-building exercises and events. Allow team members to get to know each other, or at least about each other, outside of the workplace by periodically scheduling team exercises and events. In doing this, you’ll be setting up for a stronger bond between team members allowing them to relate to one another on a more personable level. To find out more about team-building exercises and events check out these great resources: How to: Strengthen Teamwork in the Workplace 

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