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Building Strong Teams: The Importance of Good Leadership

Too often I hear people complain about poor leadership at their jobs. Conversations on angry bosses, arrogant Vice Presidents, major mess-ups due to lack of communication, undefined responsibilities and so on, seem endless when it comes to the corporate world. Employees are constantly leaving their jobs due to messy systems of authority, only to end up right back where they started in their next job. This never-ending chase to find a company with quality leadership doesn’t sound like it should be hard to find. Yet, what many people in leadership roles unfortunately fail to see is that learning how to be a good leader, and stay a good leader, takes extra time and effort on a continual basis.

Once leaders lose a sense of community among themselves, the body loses its harmonious functioning and its equilibrium; it then becomes an orchestra that produces noise: its members do not work together and lose the spirit of camaraderie and teamwork. When the foot says to the arm: ‘I don’t need you,’ or the hand says to the head, ‘I’m in charge,’ they create discomfort and parochialism. Building Strong Teams: The Importance of Good Leadership

Sadly, the importance of leadership education and the development of these skills are rarely stressed in the corporate world. Without a solid foundation of leadership, it becomes essentially impossible for a company to succeed. The impact of failed leadership causes low employee retention rates, angry customers, tension between employees and management, an inefficient work ethic, unnecessary confusion, negative brand reputations, and ultimately weak revenue rates.

If you’re currently in a leadership position, or aspire to be, and want to better your abilities in order to prevent the many risks that come with poor leadership, here are 10 ways to improve:

Building Strong Teams: The Importance of Leadership

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