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How To Choose The Perfect Boston Summer Corporate Event

Are you struggling to choose the perfect summer corporate event for you and your team? We know choosing the right corporate event can be a stressful process. That’s why our events are all-inclusive!

There’s no such thing as an event that will fill every team members utmost desires. Although it would be nice, it’s also impossible to predict the future outcome of your event. However, it is possible to set your team up for success by choosing the right team building tools, specific to your corporate needs.

To make the best decision for you and your team, there are 5 key questions to ask yourself while choosing a summer corporate event:

(1) How would you rate your team building goals on a continuum of fun vs. developmental?

The need for team building often varies from one group to the next. For some, corporate needs call for bonding time, boosting interpersonal relationships, and trust building. These needs fall on the “fun” end of the continuum. For others, corporate needs fall on the “developmental” side of the continuum, calling for processes that allow the team to combine efforts effectively, interact efficiently, and work together as a cohesive unit.

(2) What do you expect from a team building event?

In order to choose the event best-fit for your team’s needs, you need to have a clear understanding of your expectations. The activities ultimately selected can help in reinforcing team strengths and highlight key areas for development.

(3) Is there any pre-work needed before a team building event?

If your corporate needs fall on the “fun” side of the continuum and you have selected an event based around interactive exercises, than you can stir up some excitement for the event around the office by leaving out some details. On the other hand, if your needs fall on the “developmental” side of the continuum and you have selected an event where you plan on addressing real team issues, details cannot be left out. A team survey may be a good way to identify your issues and understand what works in causing them.

(4) What type of budget is available to conduct a team building event?

The price of each event varies based on the amount of people attending, length of time, location, and resources. Therefore, you will need to determine your team building budget and factor it into your choice of event.

(5) How do you gain buy-in for team building?

Well, people are more likely to support what they help to create. Giving your team a pre-event survey and allowing them to contribute to the decision of the event, will help to ensure successful team building, and the ultimate success of your event.

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