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DIY Corporate Event Hacks: Spice Things Up in Your Office!

Do you ever feel like the reason behind your employees boredom at work is due to a little “too much consistency” at your office? Maybe you throw a few staff parties every year, and go out for dinner and drinks with a group of employees every now and again, but is that really enough? If the majority of your employees appear seemingly bored at work on a regular basis, than most likely the answer to this questions is no, it’s not enough. Yet, how are you suppose to find the time and/or money to bring more fun to your office? It’s a question many people struggle with. Luckily, I have some answers for you! 

The fact of the matter is that there is no need to host a larger number of expensive staff parties or feel more pressure to take your employees out more often. While doing these things are great, they are typically costly and involve little to no actual talk or production of work. Therefore, in order to bring more fun to your office on a consistent basis, it’s important to think of ways you can Do It Yourself (DIY). Bringing fun to your office yourself minimizes costly and, if done right, timely factors. The two biggest things you’re most likely trying to avoid.

DIY corporate event hacks to help you spice things up in your office:

  1. DIY Corporate Event Hacks: Spice Things Up in Your Office!Meeting with a popcorn bar!
  • Do you host a large number of meetings with your employees? If so, you likely struggle with keeping all employees focused and attentive during each one. One way to help avoid this issue, is surprising employees with a popcorn bar at the meeting! Why popcorn? Well, it’s inexpensive to buy a few bags in bulk, easy to vacuum, something almost no one is allergic to or can’t eat, and not something your employees are going to be embarrassDIY Corporate Event Hacks: Spice Things Up in Your Office!ed about eating in fear of having bad breath, making a mass, or getting their faces and clothes dirty.
  1. Office Photo Booth!
  • This is one of my personal favorites. Because who doesn’t love taking silly pictures with their friends and coworkers, right? All you need is someone who owns a camera, or you can even use an iPhone, and props! For example, a mustache, big sunglasses, plastic party hats, silly eye-glasses, or a bunch of printed note-cards with various hashtags written on them. After everyone has taken their photos, you can even ask them to post them to the company’s social media pages. This way, you’ll never forget the funny memories you made – all because of your DIY photo booth!
  1. DIY Corporate Event Hacks: Spice Things Up in Your Office! Potluck Lunch!
  • How easy would it be to set up a potluck lunch with all of your employees? If you have a big company, it would be more like a potluck feast! Even better, right? At least a week in advance, notify all of your employees about your upcoming potluck lunch. Ask that everyone bring in a dish or dessert, either homemade or store bought. This way, there’s no pressure for people who don’t cook. One the day of your potluck, give your employees at least an hour lunch break to just enjoy eveDIY Corporate Event Hacks: Spice Things Up in Your Office!ryone’s conversation and contributions. On a side note, you can even make your potluck more fun by giving it a theme such as Indian or international food.
  1.  Hot Chocolate Surprise!
  • If you’re working on the East Coast, you know first-hand how brutal winters can get. We know that after the first snow fall and few weeks of cold whether, all anyone wants to do is snuggle up back in bed with a cup of hot coco. Therefore, because you nor your employees have the luxury of being able to snuggle back up in bed, why not make everyone smile by bringing in a large box of hot chocolate, from Dunkin Donuts or elsewhere, for all of your employees to enjoy? This is best done when you plan it on an especially cold morning. Maybe even a morning everyone had to wake up extra early to shovel their driveways and scrape ice off their cars.
  1. Music!
  • Did you know that music has been proven to lift people’DIY Corporate Event Hacks: Spice Things Up in Your Office!s spirits and altogether make them feel happier? Yes! And doing this at work is extremely simple. Ask all of your employees to write their favorite song, band, or album on a small sheet of paper and to drop it in something like a shoe box by the front door. Let everyone know when you’ll be collecting this box, and take it home to create an awesome playlist that everyone loves! This is something that can cost absolutely nothing and never expires. Play this playlist in your office whenever, and however often, the time is right – in the early morning, during lunch, before meetings, etc. Refresh this playlist with new suggestions from employees every few weeks!

For more information on DIY  Events, check out the following resources:

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