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Easy Activities for Team-Building Consistency

Feeling like you’d like a little more consistency in your team-building activities?

It doesn’t mean you have to do away with the fun holiday parties or yearly cocktail events, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a work-related activity to look forward to on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis? Not to mention that it would help strengthen your teams effectiveness too! 

Check out these easy activities for team building consistency:

  1. Shared Meals – Weekly!
  • Dedicate one day a week to a team potluck lunch. On this specified day, each team member brings in a favorite dish of theirs to share with the rest of the team. This dish can be representative of one’s culture, a nostalgic moment(s) from their childhood, from a new recipe they just found online, or just a basic dinner dish they enjoy on a regular basis at home! If you need a little push to get non-work related conversations flowing, go around in a circle and have each team member explain their dish and why they brought it. Doing this regularly with your team will ultimately allow for casual conversation in a comfortable environment! Easy Activities for Team Building Consistency
  1. Rearrange your Office and Individual Work Spaces – Monthly!
  • Forming “micro-cultures” can be very bad for teams. Therefore, it’s important to dedicate one day a month to rearranging the office and your team’s individual work spaces. In doing this, it is less likely for team members to group in smaller “micro-cultures,” considering they will be continuously working next to different people. Plus, changing up the office always puts a little pep in everyone’s step, right?
  1. 10 Minute Team Coffee Break + Current News Topics – Daily!
  • Specify 10 minutes each day for a team coffee (or tea!) break, and a quick catch up on the latest news. This can be a scheduled and specific time each day or a time that changes from day to day, just make sure all team members are informed. Doing this allows team members to engage in casual conversation without feeling awkward or forced. Typically, talking on news-related topics creates critical discussions surrounding people’s personal opinions, passions and beliefs. These discussions are sure to help your team build stronger connections with one another.  
  1. Professional Development Activities – Monthly!
  • Professional development activities are important for progressing one’s learning and education, as well as for developing professional relationships in new settings. Yet, most of us can agree that attending these workshops alone, and attempting to network as one individual against several teams of coworkers, can feel extremely awkward. Therefore, it’s beneficial to plan these professional development activities with your team in advance, and have everyone go in at least a team of two. In doing this, everyone will feel more comfortable and excited to attend. Easy Activities for Team Building Consistency
  1. Volunteering – Bi-Weekly!
  • Did you know that volunteering is proven to make people feel like they have more time on their hands? Well, you know now! In order for effective team building to take place on a consistent basis, all members generally need to have positive attitudes. Therefore, getting your team together and brainstorming a few organizations you’d all like to volunteer at is a great place to start. Take your completed list, and alternate volunteering at these organizations every other week for about an hour or so. In doing this, all of your team members are sure to walk away with rewarding experiences.

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