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The Positive Results of Effective Team Building: Transforming Your Company

We often hear talk about the effectiveness of team building in the corporate world. Yet, while we might believe what we hear, do we actually know how team building brings positive results to our company? For many, the answer is no. Little information is noted on the subject. With this, we’ve created a list of positive results that effective team building can bring to your company, and explained their “how’s” and “why’s,” in detail below.

Effective Team Building: 6 Positive Results

  1. Teams will function better, with less supervision.
  • Through effective team building, this happens because members of each team truly understand how to work together, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Awkwardness surrounding who’s better at what, or the amount of work one typically puts in compared to other members stops. Furthermore, this helps you, the leader, by allowing you to focus on tasks outside of consistent team management.  
  1. More collaboration.
  • Collaboration is the key to creative thinking and ideas. Through effective team building, members of each team begin to feel more comfortable with one another, and are therefore, more outward in sharing their thoughts on certain projects, or ideas for new ones. The Positive Results of Effective Team Building: Transforming Your Company
  1. Long term productivity.
  • When team members feel more comfortable collaborating, it enhances their overall level of productivity. Having an open line of communication between members allows them to share their feelings, towards both positive and negative situations. Given a negative situation arises, open communication allows for the team to make the changes necessary for fixing this problem in order to accommodate the member in need. In-turn, this allows everyone to work productively on a consistent basis.
  1. Improved mutual growth.
  • When team members understand their strengths and weaknesses, and can deal with those openly, it allows for everyone’s improved mutual growth. Instead of having to hide their weaknesses and pretend they don’t exist, they can embrace them by learning from teammates who do possess strengths in those areas.
  1. Increased team engagement.
  • When team members collectively feel that their thoughts and opinions matter, a sense of genuine inclusion develops. In-turn, this creates an atmosphere where employees are likely to listen to their teammates, just as actively as they listen to them. The Positive Results of Effective Team Building: Transforming Your Company
  1. Increased sense of morale.
  • Effective team building increases morale due to the positive connections teammates begin to develop with one another. In other words, teammates develop a stronger sense of care for each other. This helps teams reach decisions faster, and manage their time more effectively in general.


Need some ideas? Team building games that work:

  1. Egg Drop: Although this particular activity involves eggs, it is considered to be one of the most engaging and fun team building games regarded by employees. In this game, teams are made to drop a pack of eggs from a certain height without breaking them. With this, they learn to focus on a task and get highly involved in it. The Positive Results of Effective Team Building: Transforming Your Company
  2. Mine Field: “Mine’s” can be presented using cones, balls, bottles, etc. Teammates are combined into groups of two. On member is blindfolded and the other can see and talk, however is not permitted to enter the field or touch their partner. The test is for the blindfolded member to stroll from one side of the field to the next, dodging the mines by listening to the verbal directions  of their partner.
  3. 2 Truths and a Lie: Tell your staff that each member will present him/herself by expressing two truths about their life and one lie. Other members will figure out which statement is the lie. Go around and do this for each individual.


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